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Cybersecurity Consultations Services

Analyze and evaluate the ICT risks of the customer

Artificial Intelligence

Analysis of the customer’s AI project and requirements

Cybersecurity Testing System

Offensive system to test the cyber resilience of online services

Voice Biometrics System

Securely authenticate users using their voice

Latest Technique

The selection and deployment of IT and communications systems to meet business strategies and goals can be a daunting exercise. IS offers a wealth of integration, consultancy & analysis experience to resolve these pressures.

Cybersecurity Testing System

  • Offensive system to test the cyber resilience of online services
  • Validate anti-DDoS and perimeter protection systems
  • Effective testing system can be used on national ISPs
  • Graphical interface to control the system
  • Real-time studies and statistics on the targets
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Network and cabling infrastructure solutions

We deliver a wide range of IT infrastructure solutions to clients.

Our end to end capabilities allow us to handle large scale projects. We support most all voice, data and video network systems and equipment.

We have technicians both in-house and in our partner network that are certified by all major manufacturers.

Artificial Intelligence Consultation Services

Risk and Security Consulting

Information System for Trading (IS) experts analyze and evaluate ICT risks in close collaboration with the customer by compiling an ICT risk assessment. The results of this assessment lead to the creation of a new or expanded security strategy.

This strategy then forms the basis for the rigorous implementation and control of appropriate measures to guarantee an adequate security level. Recurring security audits uncover any security vulnerabilities and weaknesses, both with respect to the technical ICT infrastructures as well as to the processes and organization Levels of ICT Risk Management

Full Surveillance Management & Scalability

Keep an eye on your property from any device, anywhere
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