Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence Service

As each enterprise has its own business processes, workflows and data, each enterprise needs customized
AI models developed specifically based on the enterprise data and business processes.
IST can develop customized AI applications tailored to the customer’s needs.

Industries we serve:

> Targeted marketing and personalized offers based on transactional history

> Customer categorization and behavioral analysis with the possibility to show them investment opportunities according to their current portfolio

> AI-enabled Credit card frauds detection according to the customer’s credit card history

> AI-enabled loan defaulter analysis that detects intentional loan default from their payment history

> AI-enabled energy metering which track use of resources and predicts the future requirement of these resources

> AI-Enabled cameras that uses state-of-the-art computer vision models for surveillance and face recognition

> AI-Enabled traffic management to minimize traffic congestions with great efficiency

> Voice and image search for products

> Customer behavior pattern prediction and analysis to promote what the customer interests directly

> Dynamic price adjustment to increase sales

IST AI Consultancy aims at helping you understand the best ways to harness the strengths of AI and reduce the risk factors when you invest in this latest tech.

We will not only explain the basics to you but also help you design the perfect AI blueprint, suitable for your company.

Data Preparation

  • – Data ingestion
  • – Data cleaning and preprocessing
  • – Synthetic data generation

ML/DL Model Development

  • – Model selection
  • – Time-series analysis
  • – Model evaluation
  • – Result analysis and model re_training


  • – Continuous learning, development and improvement using streaming data
  • – seamless integration with external databases
  • Easy development using RESTful APIs

AI consultancy process:

  • An elaborate client call where IST AI Consultancy understands the client’s business structure and prevailing situation, underlining the AI possibilities for their businesses.

  • IST AI Consultancy collaborates with the client and researches the client’s AI capabilities and suggests plans for upgrading to AI

  • IST AI Consultancy conducts an on-site workshop at the client’s workplace to understand their existing processes and calibre to upgrade
  • IST AI Consultancy generates a complete AI strategy report after an on-site analysis of the client. The report contains a stepwise process and duration required to upgrade the client’s set up with Artificial Intelligence.

  • An elaborate client call where Automaton AI Consultancy confirms that their client is satisfied with the up-gradation process and that it works efficiently with the client’s business model.