Cyber Security Services

Penetration Testing

IST experts provides penetration testing services to help organizations know the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that exist within their infrastructure. The penetration test purpose is to emulate what a hacker might do to attack your organizations, so IST will give a detailed report about the results of the test so your organization can act accordingly.

IST penetration services can also be customized to your own infrastructure, as IST provide network infrastructure tests, web applications test, mobile application test as well as telecom operator penetration tests.


Security Operations Centers (SOCs) help organizations monitor, detect, investigate any anomalies that can occur by. IST provide SOC-as-a-Service platform that gathers logs from multiple sources and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to build network patterns and user behavior patterns and detect anomalies if there is.

This will provide your organization with a complete view of your infrastructure and its cyberspace, which empowers the SOC team to protect the organization’s assets.

o Turn data into knowledge by powerful analytics engine
o Constant monitoring of the network
o Incident response and investigation
o Customized reports
o Easy to integrate with existing or future cybersecurity platforms

In today’s world, the reality is cyber security is mandatory;
complacency is a liability