A honeypot is an artificial vulnerable IT system developed to be attacked, honeynets are a cluster of honeypots. CyHoney is an advanced platform for honeypot and honeynet management with complex attack analysis. It can emulate any kind of infrastructure providing real-time and detailed information about received attacks and malicious actors.

CyHoney helps organizations with diverting attackers from their real infrastructures and collect information about the strategies used by attackers to have a better protection against them.

  • – Ability to emulate any kind of infrastructure
  • – Kubernetes-managed honeypots which provide robust isolation layers and practical management features
  • – Powerful analytics engine to process attacks and show detailed information
  • – Powerful tracking system of malicious actors
    • Easy to deploy, manage and use
  • – Provides fine-grained alerts based on attack severity
  • – Real-time visualization of attacks


CyMove is a unique solution that tackles the problem of data leaks from the ground up. Rather than building stronger walls or faster attack detection, CyMove distributes, moves and conceals the targets.

CyMove is based on Moving Target Defense (MTD) in which the attack surface is dynamic, the software and network paths are dynamically changed, therefore the vulnerabilities are dynamically changed.

CyMove transforms the network from a static system to a dynamic system with a moving target security:

– Can be deployed in front of the existing infrastructure Demonstrates quantitively the efforts an attacker requires to break in
– IP addresses are hidden
– Unauthorized traffic is dropped or redirected to CyHoney


CyAlert is a solution that allows organizations understand their cyberthreats and gives them the ability to quantify them. By using CyAlert, the organization is at a better security posture as they have a complete view of their attack surface and can manage it and mitigate their risks accordingly.

CyAlert can be used as both private and public network defensive tool and can be scaled up to be a nationwide solution in which CyAlert will scan the vulnerabilities of of the nationwide public internet.

CyAlert provides cyber analytics, contextual information and cyber vulnerabilities all in one platform and works as a proactive approach to cybersecurity by identifying the attack surface before any attack happens.