Deep Packet Inspection

DPI systems analyze the data packets fully and goes beyond traditional inspection that only checks Layer 3 and Layer 4 headers. The full analysis of data packets results in application classification.

IST provides organizations with DPI system to monitor, classify and filter network traffic. This helps organizations with detecting malicious attacks such as DDoS and malware spreading before it takes effect.

In addition to DPI functions, the product has a number of additional integrated features. 

The system includes traffic filtering through the registry of blacklisted websites in accordance with current legislation and meets the requirements of the state regulator with automatic downloading blocking lists of URL SNI, CN, IP+PORT.

• High recognition rate
• Ability to identify layers 2 to 7 in the OSI model
• Ability to develop custom signatures
• Classification based on flow pattern matching, flow prediction, bi-directional flow correlation, behavioral analytics, statistical analytics
• High processing speed up to 100 Gbps
• High scalability


As more valuable information gets public on the internet, governments and law enforcement agencies need the tools to gather and collect intelligence from these open sources on the internet such as social media platforms, forums, blogs and even darknets.

Our system leverages the power of AI by processing and analyzing large amounts of different data types such as images, text and videos and creates valuable insights from this data.