Digital Forensics

Data Recovery

  • – IST provide full data recovery labs with the ability to extract data from multiple devices such as mobile phones, hard disks, CCTV/DVR and flash memories. Our labs are able to extract both physically and logically from these devices.
  • – Extensive training is given as part of the solution to give education and expertise needed to operate at IST labs.

Voice Forensics

As more audio data is providing evidences to dangerous activities or crimes, it is time consuming to analyze audio recordings. Therefore, IST provide a voice forensics lab that is able to:

  • – Voice comparison (1:1) to check whether the speaker in the recording is the same as the one in front of you.
    – Check if the audio recording has been modified or tampered
    – Clean the audio recording from any noise
    – Speaker diarization if multiple speakers are present in the recording

Video Analytics and Image Enhancement

IST provides state-of-the-art video analytics and image enhancement platform that uses Deep Learning (DL) techniques to help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) make the most out of their surveillance solutions whether it is enhancing the resolution of their camera feeds or producing intelligence automatically.