Signal Geolocation and Direction Finding

IST provide systems that are able to detect, classify and locate the signals of interest over a wide area. These systems can be used for many applications:

• Drone Detection
• Locating RF interference sources
• Border security
• Aircraft tracking
• Geolocating the enemy by their transmissions

Geolocation is the ability to pinpoint a transmission in two or three dimensions. On the other hand, direction finding gives the angle from the sensor to the transmitter.

IST systems uses several radiolocation techniques such as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA), Power on Arrival (POA) and Angle of Arrival (AOA) because each technique has strengths and weaknesses for different signal types. The output of the three techniques can be combined to increase the probability of locating the transmitter.

Signal Recording

IST provide solutions for lightweight, portable, high-fidelity and long duration RF recording.

• Capture more signals in the 9KHz-8/18/40 GHz
• Record narrowband or wideband signals using up to 100 MHz real-time bandwidth
• Gather hours of I/Q in one sitting with built-in storage of 25.6 TB
• Maintain superior signal fidelity for analysis and playback
• Find and extract signals quickly

Spectrum Monitoring

IST provide intelligent systems for spectrum management and monitoring. The spectrum is a finite resource that is used by many applications, our systems helps regulators by monitoring who is using the spectrum, when and where they are using it and what are they using the spectrum for.

• Interference hunting
• Military spectrum management and monitoring
• Spectrum usage and occupancy
• Short term license monitoring